Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reality Check: Global Food Crisis

These charts over at Global Research make clear that there are going to be many, many people in the world looking at empty porridge bowls in the next year. Far too much of the grain growing regions of the world are experiencing drought in a time when grain production is falling behind consumption a little bit each year.

Some years ago the world had surplus grain. Now, each year every silo is emptied at some point of the year. Remember the lesson of the bible in that a nation without full grain silos is in grave danger. A world with empty grain silos can be a typhoon or two away from disaster.

I can walk to a rice field in a long morning and glean if I want. Most of us don't have that luxury. Look at your grain consumption and maybe consider buying that one or two months security blanket in the form of extra hundredweights of rice, oats or wheat.

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nina said...

Did you see these 13 short pages in simple language? The Global Food Crisis, The End of Plenty. As predicted and as usual, reviled. Its a sad story growing sadder in which none of us are exempt from climate chaos and the fallout in the energy sector. Even if Big Ag suddenly did an impossibly altruistic turnaround, they will not be able to obtain the magic ingredient required to operate processing equipment nor could it be done in time on the scale it would have to be carried out to prevent what is already happening in other parts of the world.