Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Get Off the Internet, It doesn't Matter

or 'keeping our corporate masters happy'

I repeatedly read people's blogs, posts, rants and implications that blogging doesn't matter. You don't matter unless you are standing on a street corner protesting or preferably rounding up a militia to gun it out with ZOG.

What utter crap.

It would be real nice if you quit voting too and we could all wake up every morning to the words 'President Palin' on NPR because no person in their right mind believes John McCain can wipe his own ass anymore. The man is well into age-related dementia and it's been obvious for years.

Three ways the internet matters:

1. Climate Change: It's real and the mainstream media does everything possible to confuse the issue and promote corporate lies. If you don't think climate change isn't kicking your ass already go to the grocery store and look at food prices. Read the real news about how New Orleans is ultimately doomed.

2. Biochar: The addition of charred biomass to soils may be as important as learning that we could save the seed from this melon and grow new melons next year. Far more important than industrial fertilizers and pesticides because the needed tools are a hoe and a machete. This technique is the only known method of reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide and harvesting a net energy gain.

3. Corporate Corruption: If you want to go on thinking that you're the ONLY person your (insert: bank, insurance company, doctor, credit card holder, home builder, employer, etc., etc, etc,) is ripping off you are entitled to that opinion. You are probably wrong and a quick Google search will show you how you are wrong. Corporations hold no goal more dearly than eliminating easy anonymity on the internet. So they can attack those who snitch on their bullshit.

If you want to keep believing that your problems are all your fault go for it. Get off the internet and sulk in your corner. Make a CEO happy.

Chances are your problems are like somebody else's problems. They might have a solution for your's and you might have something to offer them. But you have to find each other first and then you have to communicate. Your stupid little blog is an opening where somebody can find you. Their stupid little blog might point you to the herb that saves you from heart surgery that does nothing to extend your life. So you only get 10 hits a day. So what? You don't know which day it is that you're post will matter to somebody else.

Finally, all this back and forth on blog comments nurtures and maintains the art of written discourse. If you can write clearly you can think clearly. It's a skill that is only developed and improved by use and criticism. Watching TV and listening to your I-pod isn't doing you a bit of good once you are faced with a new problem to puzzle out. Your life will depend on being able to think for yourself. You can't rely on doctors, lawyers or your congressman to cover your ass here. When it comes to thinking; you're on your own bub.

Keep blogging.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reality Check: Global Food Crisis

These charts over at Global Research make clear that there are going to be many, many people in the world looking at empty porridge bowls in the next year. Far too much of the grain growing regions of the world are experiencing drought in a time when grain production is falling behind consumption a little bit each year.

Some years ago the world had surplus grain. Now, each year every silo is emptied at some point of the year. Remember the lesson of the bible in that a nation without full grain silos is in grave danger. A world with empty grain silos can be a typhoon or two away from disaster.

I can walk to a rice field in a long morning and glean if I want. Most of us don't have that luxury. Look at your grain consumption and maybe consider buying that one or two months security blanket in the form of extra hundredweights of rice, oats or wheat.