Thursday, June 25, 2009 commits Fraud.

Hey there,

For anybody who's reading this just on general principles or who might have tagged this when they googled I would just like to point out that Godaddy's fraudulent practices have really pissed me off.

I registered the domain names PUTCARBONBACK.US, PUTCARBONBACK.NET, PUTCARBONBACK.ORG, PUTCARBONBACK.COM thinking that I might set up a web site. Time, energy and health constraints prevented me from seeing this through. I held on to these domains in 2007 and 2008.

In 2009 sent me repeated e-mails urging me to re-register my credit card information as they could not charge me for renewals. This was fine with me.

Of course the bastards charged my card anyway AFTER I made repeated attempts to disable the account renewal function and AFTER they had sent me multiple e-mails claiming that I wouldn't be charged unless I re-registered the changes to my credit card.

To make matters worse when I saw a $15.00 charge on my credit card account and tried to cancel on the website they charged me another $60 or so. Try as you might you cannot delete your credit card information from their site.

Plus they have no direct e-mail address so you can't just contact them.

DO NOT GIVE your credit card information under ANY circumstances. They WILL charge you and then you have to go through a hassle to get the charges deleted. is a FRAUD and CHEATing company. Check out these sites committed to exposing that fraud.

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Ok, it's off topic but I hate getting ripped off as much as anybody else.