Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reality Challenged Congress

crossposted from a Gristmill thread on the lack of transit funding.

Face it; this congress isn't that different than the last congress and reality seems to be a bit of a challenge for congressional delegates.

Climate change is real, very dangerous and accelerating. Congressional proposals at best will merely slow the rate of acceleration and do absolutely nothing to mitigate. There are no viable bills proposed to get GHG emissions to zero and then sequester atmospheric CO2 on a massive scale. None.

Oil imports have grown as a percentage of use every year but possibly 2008 in the US and technologically viable standards that would make every single car, van, SUV and light truck produced plug-in hybrid vehicles aren't anywhere to be seen. We're still trying to manage with the completely discredited ethanol industry.

The fastest way to reduce petroleum costs would be to convert homes and businesses and the entire state of Hawaii from heating oil and propane use to ground-loop heating and solar power. Congress is totally crickets on the issue even though it's a proven money producing investment.

State, local and federal government agencies can't afford asphalt and can't find it if prices stray into the affordable range. Interurban and rural rail connections, a standard feature of life in 1910 rural america, are completely off the boards as a viable solution.

A Congress that gives our clown college bankers free cash in fire-hose quantities and nickels and dimes food stamp recipients isn't going to suddenly bring a third neuron to the party. We're pretty much stuck with sitting back and watching the beatings continuing till morale improves.

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