Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ok, that's weird.....

While I was nosing around Gristmill and reading a sermon on global warming I was loading todays arctic sea ice pic from Cryosphere today. If those guys are doing this on purpose it's NOT funny.

Click on the picture and look closely.


Anonymous said...

I clicked on the picture and I don't see anything unusual. Would you mind explaining your comment? Thanks!

Pangolin said...

The light portions of the picture form a demonic face complete with horns. If you place the forehead up near Alaska and the potruding jaw just above the North Pole that's what you see.

Sort of a man/rabbit in the moon image.

Anonymous said...

no need to post, wanted to email you but couldn't figure out, so thought i'd try to contact you by commenting

re cohousing project: village homes?

hi, saw your comment at gristmill;

i used to live in Davis and for a time at Village Homes;
had a superficial positive impression, but perhaps i was wrong;
your description seems familiar to what i recollect of the development

in your work have you ever run in with AKT Development and the
Tsakopoulos family? i've looked at a little of the criticism that
they've received over
environmental mattters, but perhaps the situation is worse and along
the lines you describe?

regards, bernardo at nonprofitwatch.org