Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reply to the Strong Man

There's a lot of strong men out there, good men, thinking men, who are sold a lie so that the powers that be can play god unhindered. The lie is this: You got to your place of comfort by your efforts alone. We'll protect your place; for a fee.

Then they say: The fees kind of high right now because we have to support all these slacker's. Cheat's. Lazy people. Gypsies. If you don't mind we'll just remove them and then the fee will go down. Just don't bother us while we do it.

This conversation has been going on forever and we've had a recent run on it over at Deep INTO ARTLIFE WEST in the comments section. More comment than blog but we like it and Nina's kind enough to host.

So I posted a comment there that I think is important enough to repeat here:

Got'cha Baz. You're a strong man who's got a good deal right now with TPTB. You've got your bit to play on and they mostly leave you alone on that bit. What's it to anyone else what work you do or don't do there? They weren't there helping you and you didn't want them there anyway.


Don't get hurt man. Nothing worse than a strong man brought low by pain. Or worse, asking your body to move and not even getting a response from the required part. You get hurt too far out the back door and it's the pigs turn to eat but you know that. Man hunting alone has to be lucky EVERY day.

There's no place to stand in the world for many of us. There is no place the government isn't claiming or deeding to the banksters. TPTB don't like you and they send a whole military squad to raid your house in the middle of the night and masked cyborg 'agents' shove automatic weapons in your kids face at four in the morning. Happens to someone I know just about every year.

And they will shoot. Oh damn straight they will.

So that MINE word some folks hold on to is a LIE. It's a lie that the cyborg whispers to us to separate the strong from the weak. Wolves from the sheep, Steers from the heffers. We know what happens to steers, don't we now.

Hey, don't look here. We're just taking a few of the weak ones. Don't bother yourself about where we're taking them; do you want to come too? Then the 'borg looks at you and you KNOW you're fucked if you don't back off.

Don't bother yourself. It's just the tweakers. Just the morons. Just the gimps, gypsies, Indians, wetbacks and Maori. Just the Jews. We're just cutting out these steers to improve the herd.

You got yours know. You keep it. You don't owe them steers nothing.

Don't get hurt.

You see, I got hurt. Hurt so bad I can't find the trail back to the warm hearth. Just wandering the wilderness losing bits of my kit whenever I stop for a boil up. TPTB they whispered to what I thought was my family. Hey, you got YOURS to protect. Don't go helping him. So they wander out and give me a few kicks and tell me to get my ass back to the barn and do my chores and then they leave. Never a hand down to pull up on. No shoulder offered for a limp back.

The 'borgs been whispering to them too from the evil box. "This could be YOUR's. And THIS and this and this and this and then you will be complete. But not if you're helping others oh, no. How could you buy this if you're helping others. Be a Wolf. We've got the vultures to take care of the weak."


nina said...

Who got the kids? Are they happy?

Were you abandoned Pangolin, in your hour of need? If that is so, then you did not protect yourself with the right people to begin with. It is okay to start over again, we all go through it, we all make out better with lessons learned behind us.

Pangolin said...

The kids are currently with their mom at the local cohousing project that I busted my tail to get organized, built and planted with foodstuffs. In the same project lives my mother and godparents in two separate houses. One tenth of that place is my extended family estranged or otherwise. I drop by for the odd dinners and morning coffee with mom. I won't set foot within fifty yards of the ex's place.

The pain is real to me. Your pain is real to you. I can't see your neurons firing but I'll always take your word on it.

Happy isn't a word I can define right now. I always try to learn by other people's mistakes. I'm a university now.